PST Studebaker Truck in 1/72 Scale

I love building trucks. I will rephrase that. Usually, I love building trucks. I have never built a PST kit before. Except for the fact I have more PST kits in my stash, not sure I would be buying another PST kit to build anytime soon. This was a painful process from start to finish. Horrible vague instructions on like a photocopied sheet. No guide marks or holes for any of the bits. Plastic that doesn’t like my usual plastic cement. Even the sprue attachments are thick and positioned badly in some cases. So building this truck was down to a lot of trial and error. Mostly error. I still ended up with the whole back section too far forward resulting in no room to add the front mudguards. The cab was positioned too far back resulting in the front wheels being too far forward. This was very frustrating to be taking two steps forward before realising things are in the wrong place and having to take three steps back. The axles and undercarriage were very fiddly. It suggests some metal wire as axles in the instructions and I was not sure if they were meant to be supplied or not. Either way I had to use my own. The kit comes with no glass for the windows so by the time I got to this bit I could not face bothering with making my own….. The canvas tilt was super flat and looked like plastic so i did some tissue paper and white glue to cover it up and hopefully look more like canvas.

But it is a great looking truck. I really like the wing mirrors and the front winch. So after all that I was happy I did not just lose my shit and throw the thing on the floor. I used my own decals from somewhere else, but the decals with the kit do look OK. For comparison here he is positioned next to a Hasagewa truck (a much nicer kit to build).

7 thoughts on “PST Studebaker Truck in 1/72 Scale

  1. I have smashed up a wiper snipper when the cord kept breaking but I’m yet to crack up a model , come close though ( Roden model plastic) but after what you went to through the one would have ended up across the street😑. Great recovery mate, it certainly came up trumps in the end πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ‘πŸ».

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  2. Reading your blog, I have cracked a smile often.
    Your description of building the PST Studebaker was informative, and also a let down, as I am searching this truck far and wide. Had previously build the KV-2 tank from PST, and it was fiddly, had some fitting issues, but some parts were amazingly good in my opinion, like the mud guard which are uncommonly thin.


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