Zvezda Pak 40 AT Gun with AB Figures Crew

Been a busy month doing lots of other things except finishing off what is sitting on my painting (dining) table. Still working on my Normandy village board which is time consuming to say the least. But looking good so far. This is a very nice little Pak-40 model from Zvezda, good value, speedy build and nice detail. Takes a few minutes to put together and that is it. Easy. My crew are more excellent productions from AB Figures plus i added a fifth man from the Zvezda kit as I liked the pose he has taken sitting on the gun arm (leg?). The gun received a dark yellow spray and just a dirty brown wash. I glued two crewmen onto the base first, the ones with bases so i could blend them in to the base with clay, and then paint the base easily before attaching the gun. The crew all had an oak leaf type camo uniform except one who just got the camo helmet. I painted the officer with binoculars with a camo jacket even though he has the Y shaped webbing, and I don’t think his jacket is meant to be camo. So not sure that is correct, but my care factor is low on accuracy. Base was textured with fine sand and other powders. I added an old rusty barrel, hope its empty, and some tufty bits. You also get some boxes and ammo with the crew, so they were added for extra clutter. Kapow watch out Mr Cromwell behind that hedge.

8 thoughts on “Zvezda Pak 40 AT Gun with AB Figures Crew

  1. Looks great – the chipping and weathering are really well done and the crew looks ready for action. This really caught my eye as I am sure that I am one of the few reading this who has actually manhandled a PAK 40. Not alone mind you, but at West Point at Trophy Point there are captured guns from many eras. In 1980, as a plebe, I was part of a crew that snuck out after taps and “liberated” the German piece and moved it about half a mile into our barracks and into our company tactical officer’s office. So the next morning he was greeted by the business end when he opened his door…needless to say he was not amused – but we were!

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  2. Very nice work Will , these Zvezda sets are great, as for your care factor I’m right with you as i recon there wouldn’t have been to much fussiness when shot and shell were flying around and supply lines dodgy at best.

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