CP Models German Infantry Marching in 1/72 scale

Anoher group of German Infantry finished, this time a group of 12 from CP Models. There were 14 of them but two had mishapen face detail, like quasimodo’s sister, so I chopped off their heads. I am waiting for more figures from CP and have some spare heads coming as replacements! Aside from the ugly sisters sculpting and detail and poses from CP are fantastic. Painting them is fun as everything is quite obvious. I tried another different field grey combo with slightly greener pants this time. I am trying hard to get the collars with two small white stripes which seem to be standard on these jackets. I would also like to try some kind of helmet insignia but have not had the confidence yet in my teeny tiny painting skills. Need a tinier brush. Awesome figures and I heaps more to get through all primed and ready to go.