Plastic Soldier Company Horch Heavy Car in 1/72 scale

Another truck. This time a German heavy car that I picked up from The Plastic Soldier Company in the UK. They sell their kits in singles as well as in boxes of 3-5, so very handy to pick up smaller items. I think they had a sale which sucked me in to buying a heap more of their kits. I always really enjoy making their models. Limited number of parts, go together really nicely, plastic that is easy to cut, sand and glue, and overall detail good enough for the wargames table. I can get through a model in an evening no problem and get it all painted up by Sunday tea time.

This one is a cool truck, comes with a few options which is always nice. I went with the windows and full roof. In hindsight I may have used my tissue paper canvas roofing for this, although the detail on the tilt is much better than the last PST shenanigans. I did add some thin plastic for the windows and windshield. I struggle with vehicles with no glass in the windscreen. Imagine the dirt, dust and bugs in your face. Dark yellow finish with some chipping was the uniform for this guy. You get plenty of passengers to put in the back, but don’t waste too much time on them as you really cannot see anything but shadows back there. Different story if you leave the roof off. I used decals from my supplies as you do not get any with the model. Based on 3mm MDF as usual with some powders and tufties. I have him here towing his Pak40 (Airfix) and also with his Pak40 deployed with AB Crew.

PST Studebaker Truck in 1/72 Scale

I love building trucks. I will rephrase that. Usually, I love building trucks. I have never built a PST kit before. Except for the fact I have more PST kits in my stash, not sure I would be buying another PST kit to build anytime soon. This was a painful process from start to finish. Horrible vague instructions on like a photocopied sheet. No guide marks or holes for any of the bits. Plastic that doesn’t like my usual plastic cement. Even the sprue attachments are thick and positioned badly in some cases. So building this truck was down to a lot of trial and error. Mostly error. I still ended up with the whole back section too far forward resulting in no room to add the front mudguards. The cab was positioned too far back resulting in the front wheels being too far forward. This was very frustrating to be taking two steps forward before realising things are in the wrong place and having to take three steps back. The axles and undercarriage were very fiddly. It suggests some metal wire as axles in the instructions and I was not sure if they were meant to be supplied or not. Either way I had to use my own. The kit comes with no glass for the windows so by the time I got to this bit I could not face bothering with making my own….. The canvas tilt was super flat and looked like plastic so i did some tissue paper and white glue to cover it up and hopefully look more like canvas.

But it is a great looking truck. I really like the wing mirrors and the front winch. So after all that I was happy I did not just lose my shit and throw the thing on the floor. I used my own decals from somewhere else, but the decals with the kit do look OK. For comparison here he is positioned next to a Hasagewa truck (a much nicer kit to build).

Zvezda Pak 40 AT Gun with AB Figures Crew

Been a busy month doing lots of other things except finishing off what is sitting on my painting (dining) table. Still working on my Normandy village board which is time consuming to say the least. But looking good so far. This is a very nice little Pak-40 model from Zvezda, good value, speedy build and nice detail. Takes a few minutes to put together and that is it. Easy. My crew are more excellent productions from AB Figures plus i added a fifth man from the Zvezda kit as I liked the pose he has taken sitting on the gun arm (leg?). The gun received a dark yellow spray and just a dirty brown wash. I glued two crewmen onto the base first, the ones with bases so i could blend them in to the base with clay, and then paint the base easily before attaching the gun. The crew all had an oak leaf type camo uniform except one who just got the camo helmet. I painted the officer with binoculars with a camo jacket even though he has the Y shaped webbing, and I don’t think his jacket is meant to be camo. So not sure that is correct, but my care factor is low on accuracy. Base was textured with fine sand and other powders. I added an old rusty barrel, hope its empty, and some tufty bits. You also get some boxes and ammo with the crew, so they were added for extra clutter. Kapow watch out Mr Cromwell behind that hedge.

Normandy Village Board Project

Well, Covid has finally grabbed a foothold in our fortress of a house, putting me out of action for a week. Although really only the first day felt like anything other than a crappy cold-type situation. Anyway, this was a great opportunity to sweep up some odds and ends that have been laying around for years. I had some resin castings that I picked up from eBay plus a Sarissa MDF house or two and a nice Hovels bridge. I decided to make a centre piece for a town with a proper river section sunken down into the board. I had a nice piece of 3mm MDF to mount it all on, and used lots of polystyrene to build up a few layers. Cobble streets were made with modelling clay and my cobble textured roller. There are two more houses to go at one end of the town which are 100% scratch built and not quite completed. I dressed up the MDF houses with new roof tiles, floorboards and chimney pots. A little bit of work goes a long way. Realistically i think this will be the town centre for a much bigger layout (maybe a battle for Caen or something), as i can surround this with more houses, rivers and roads to cover a whole 5 x 8 foot table. Next up will be finishing the last two houses and then can texture the open ground with glue and sand before painting. I have also started making bricks and rubble as I am going to need quite a bit of it to decorate the place, considering all the ruins!!

Boardgame interlude- D-Day at Omaha Beach by Decision Games

I needed a break from painting and modelling! So a weekend away in Melbourne was the perfect opportunity to clear away the dining table of modelling debris for the babysitters, and come home to a clean slate (table). So looking into my cupboard of unplayed board games I pulled out this little treasure. Something my brother highly recommended i managed to pick up a copy in Australia which is unusual but cheaper! For the solitaire player, which is very much my thing, i was excited to get the box open and try it out.

I have only played three turns so far of the introductory game and its already testing my brain getting my head around the rules and concepts. But it is fun and as i learn the rules better things are only getting more fun. Its engrossing and perfect for the solo player who wants to try snd survive Omaha beach!! It also inspires me to work on creating my own Normandy beach in 1/72 scale sometime in the future!

CP Models German Infantry Marching in 1/72 scale

Anoher group of German Infantry finished, this time a group of 12 from CP Models. There were 14 of them but two had mishapen face detail, like quasimodo’s sister, so I chopped off their heads. I am waiting for more figures from CP and have some spare heads coming as replacements! Aside from the ugly sisters sculpting and detail and poses from CP are fantastic. Painting them is fun as everything is quite obvious. I tried another different field grey combo with slightly greener pants this time. I am trying hard to get the collars with two small white stripes which seem to be standard on these jackets. I would also like to try some kind of helmet insignia but have not had the confidence yet in my teeny tiny painting skills. Need a tinier brush. Awesome figures and I heaps more to get through all primed and ready to go.

AB Figures WW2 German Infantry

My plan for 2023 is to get all my German infantry painted up. There are 150 or so of them knocking around and most are already based and primed ready to go! Most of my British are completed so its about time I have some opposition to actually get a game set up and even played. This group consist of nine infantry including a standing machine gunner, seven rifle men mostly walking and one officer with an MP40. I also snuck in a senior officer from CP models. For my paint job I used paints from a German Uniform Field Grey paint set I recently purchased, with the jackets and pants being interesting different shades. Reading around about German uniforms it seems that there were many different shades throughout the war, so any inaccuracies are totally accurate. Makes it easy to do whatever shades you like. I love the poses and stances of these AB figures, and the detail makes it so much easier to paint. It still takes me days just to paint a few…….and that’s not even doing camo…….

HAT British Vickers MGs in 1/72 scale

After finishing my AB vickers machine guns I figured I should get these older plastic ones from HAT done too. They came in a box of four sets plus some other support weapons. Great value but not on the same level as the AB metal figures as far as detail etc. The plastic on HAT figures is also really soft and weird. Impossible to sand and also cuts strangely. Anyway did the best I could. Based on small circular plywood with some clay and sand. The figures are all identical so I tried to vary the bases with extra bits and pieces and walls and shrubs…… That is enough MGS for my British battalion, just some infantry mortars and I think it could be finally finished…….. oh no hang on I bought something else……

Milicast Models Humber Armoured Car

I have been window shopping on Milicast’s web site for ages but never jumped in and bought anything for the usual reasons. One, I already have enough stuff. Two, they are expensive. Three, they do not quite fit into my usual plastic model kit rules. But with a sale incentive (I think they were offering one half price model with every two purchased) and a weakening of will power I caved in and bought a few. My experience of resin kits is not that great. I have found poor moulding with bubbles, fragile bits that snap and pieces tricky, ill-fitting and hard to glue. Not so the case with Milicast so far. The only issue I did have was the front axle being a bit wonky and I had to do some surgery on it to get it straight. We could not have one wheel spinning in midair now could we?

The instructions do leave a bit of room for error, they could definitely improve them with clearer pictures and arrows etc. I had to supplement the instructions with other internet research so avoiding major screw ups. A couple of little bits had snapped in transit but nothing my DIY skills could not overcome. I added a plastic aerial to the turret but nothing more on the detail front. An olive drab paint job as usual with an ink wash and a dose of European earth weathering powder. You need to add your own decals as none are supplied. I picked out an AB crew figure who sits nicely in the larger open hatch. If you look closely you can see the excellent Company B decals on his arm. These are 28mm decals that they can downsize to 20mm and save me from struggling to paint anything so tiny!! Based on 3mm MDF to save his axles from damage. I compared this kit to my Hasegawa Humbers and there is no comparison. These Milicast models are far superior in detail and proportions, and I am looking forward to building the next one.

Plastic Soldier Company Chevrolet Truck in 1/72 scale

Another cool truck this time from The Plastic Soldier Company. I bought just one sprue of this little truck as they had some sale on over there in the UK. Very simple one sprue of soft grey plastic. Nice chunky detail as always from these guys. It is a super quick build, although I did pre paint the two crew that come supplied before constructing the cabin. A few additions also add value to the vehicle. I found a pair of spare wing mirrors in my bits box that were added, you have to have wing mirrors for effective combat driving don’t you? I also added clear plastic windows as things do not quite look right without a working windscreen. You do not get decals with any of these PSC kits so I raided my well stocked decals folder for some random bits and pieces. Oh yes and I really did not like the handling of the canvas rear cover, it looked way too unnatural at the back. So I chopped out the back section and replaced it with a rolled up bit of foil and string to represent a canvas roll down door thing. Much better.

Paint scheme i did an overall olive drab for the cab and chassis, and a khaki for the canvas back. Then did a mickey mouse black camo scheme over the top. He is a groovy little truck. Lined up next to him are the Airfix bedford and Tilly from one of their diorama boxes.