About Colonel Mustard

I started saving up my 50p per week pocket money back in the early 1980’s and spending on it Airfix kits from my nearest toy shop. Inspired by Gavin Lyall’s “Operation Warboard” i fought battles on our home made ping pong table in the roof of the house. Using unpainted figures and vehicles with lego houses, chalk roads, and card board walls, i would spend hours in my own little world……..

30 years later and i have rediscovered this awesome hobby! But these days in 2015 there is so much choice out there and such inspiring resources from other modellers and bloggers the small world is oh so different……

Colonel Mustard.

6 thoughts on “About Colonel Mustard

  1. G’day Colonel,
    Stumbled on your little pot of gold recently and am pretty damn happy I did.
    Have not long got back into this awesome hobby and am slooowly remembering the tricks n tips I have not used for so long, I thought I had forgotten them.
    Am using your blog as a base source of product and supplier information. I must say, things have come a long way from painting 6mm WarHammer Epic 40k and even further from blowing up tanks, jeeps and men in our sandpit with “crackers” when I was a kid.
    Look forward to more than reviews and tips from you Colonel

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    1. Thanks Drew! Glad you enjoyed reading my blog. I was the same getting back into the hobby after 30 years of forgetting how much pleasure it gave me as a kid. Keep on reading! If you need any help sourcing stuff let me know – i think i have managed to find all the best places to find anything in 1/72 scale! Cheers Will


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