Zvezda German MG Team in 1/72 Scale

Just a quick post finishing off some stuff on my table! This is the kneeling MG team from Zvezda in their greatcoats. So for Normandy I guess these two guys were setting up early in the morning and have kept their jackets on. It’s another nice little combo from Zvezda – easy to put together a few arms and legs. Although I tend to cut off the limb plugs they have and just glue the arms on instead. Seems to be easier. They did come with a third crew man with binoculars but he ended up on one of my mortar teams (see previous post). These guys are painted with field grey jackets and grey pants and helmets. Based on my new plywood bases with some clay, sand and weathering powders. I also added a shovel just because. They can use that for digging in or toilet breaks, which will be necessary if they are waiting in ambush for hours. I used some tufts and had another go with static grass. Always tricky to make it stand up when you do not have a battery powered thingo. One day I will get around to making one or buying one for terrain stuff. I did use a charged balloon once which kind of worked.

German Mortar Teams Pegasus and Zvezda in 1/72

I had a box of Pegasus German Mortars and another of Zvezda German 81mm mortar teams. You get a whole heap of figures and mortars in the Pegasus box and two identical mortar teams in the Zvezda box. I decided to mix it all up and make five mortar teams, trying to make unique looking bases.

The Pegasus box has lots of different poses from people loading rounds, dragging boxes and putting their hands over their ears. Great stuff. Also some radio operators, who ended up missing out. The Zvezda men are either dropping a round or holding a new one. I used three figures on each base. I also had a heap of shell boxes from my AB figures mortar teams which I added to some of the bases for interest. All of them were painted german field grey with grey helmets. I am trying to paint epaulettes and collars with some detail but find it quite tricky.

For these i used 25mm plywood bases which are nice and thin. Plenty of flock and tufts to finish them up! I will not need any more mortars for any German forces now, this will do it.