The Plastic Soldier Company

Colonel Mustard is still on the road and so reports are a little different in nature while he is a few thousand miles from his dining room table!

I have the good luck to have a brother and a sister who live within 10 miles of Henfield, where the excellent Plastic Soldier Company have their HQ and distribution centre. So a quick email to Will the commander in chief allowed me to drop in and visit. I really needed some Sherman Fireflies for my British, and with only Armourfast offering an average looking model, i knew Will would have the best tanks for my requirements.

Its like one big candy store for the WW2 modeller. Tanks and vehicles line the shelves and order after order are loaded into boxes. Will was extremely friendly showing me around. If i had more luggage space i would have picked up more than my box of Fireflies.  Now i cant wait to get home and get cracking. Although i do have some PSC Churchills and Universal Carriers to get started on too.

So if you are in the vicinity of Henfield i highly recommend dropping into PSC HQ, with prior warning of course, oh and some cash in hand for some super goodies.

The Imperial War Museum, London

So Colonel Mustard is on a field trip for a few weeks and leaving his workbench aka the dining room table for a while. With limited opportunity for any modelling my blog takes an alternate angle. Landing on the sunny shores of Great Britain i had to visit the Imperial War Museum in London.

The ground floor is dedicated to World War One and is amazing. It covers every last detail you can possibly think of. Video footage, artifacts, original weapons, uniforms, maps and everything else you could possibly think of. There is even a full size reconstruction of a trench underneath a tank. Great stuff. If you want to know about World War One this is the ultimate source.

Second floor turns to World War Two and was my favourite mainly because of the Sherman tank and the Willy’s Jeep! Oh and there is a T34 on the ground floor. Mmmmmm tanks.

It’s a must visit for anyone with an interest in anything military and very well done. The floor dedicated to the Holocaust is also a must see, and while extremely sombre and confronting, reminds us of what atrocities and stupidity the human race is capable of. Things we still see today unfortunately around the world.

“Painting Wargaming Figures” by Javier Gomez

I had read a few very favourable reviews of this book and had to grab a copy for myself. I am old school, well actually i am just old, so by definition old school i guess, so i like having books to read rather than just whizzing through pages on the internet. Its the same with music, i still buy CDs and really don’t like downloading stuff. It’s a hangover from owning vinyl records as a child. So much more fun to have the covers and the sleeves and the words. Anyway this book turns up on my doorstep and it certainly did not disappoint.

Mr Gomez details every aspect of miniature painting in a very clear and concise manner. He covers every technique you could require, all backed up by many examples, and step by step guides. All the text is accompanied by some excellent photographs of his hand painted figures. If you want to improve your painting skills and get inspired then this is an essential book to add to your library. What i liked was the comprehensive coverage of pretty much any colour, texture or figure. If you need some tips or advice its all right here. Aimed mainly at 28mm figure painting and the earlier historical periods such as Ancients and Napoleonic, it still easily translates into other scales and periods. Even though i am heavily entrenched in WW2 20mm gaming i still found the whole book a very useful and worthwhile purchase.

You should charge out like the light brigade and grab yourself a copy!

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