Zvezda Jagdpanther in 1/72 Scale

I keep building more German tanks that I do not really need. First one of 2021 and its another big cat the Jagdpanther. Zvezda make great little kits and this one is just as good as any of them. By nature this tank is a simple build as there is no turret and a lot of hull. I ignore the snap together potential of these kits and use glue as normal. The first one i built (a Tiger) the snapping mainly occurred involving bits that were not meant to snap. The axles and sprocket wheels mainly. So this must be my fifth or sixth Zvezda kit so I am getting very comfortable with their tracks, which are cleverly designed, but you do need to be careful with their construction as the connections onto the road wheels can be tight.

The side skirts are a bit thick and clunky with this kit so I replaced some bits of skirts with PE cast offs from another kit. I had to make a rail along the side out of plastic to support them. Only the lack of opening hatches is a disappointment, and if I was braver I would have a go at opening them up. This kit is up there with the Trumpeter Jadgpanther in quality and detail.

I gave him a hand painted camo scheme with a nice bright German camo green and the usual dirt and dust.

CP Models British Squad and Tank Crew in 20mm Scale

I keep on buying more British infantry for my forces. I do not really need to, but when has that been a logical reason to stop buying cool figures. CP Models produce a huge range of figures, and their World War Two ranges are my second favourite behind AB Figures. Great details and easy to paint. They pretty much paint themselves. These guys are a five man squad of British tommies and a four man vehicle crew. I used my usual colours for British Army and tank crew. I do not like the slot plastic bases provided so I snip off most of the metal and glue them into modelling clay on a 10 cent piece. So here is another squad wandering through a quiet paddock and an armoured car crew stretching their legs. I think a Daimler crew is actually only three men, but let’s not make a big deal out of that……