Dragon Models Tigers in 1/72 scale

I have been a bit slow in finishing stuff these past few days as the world seems to be descending into a very bad place and seeing what is happening on the news makes me very sad for the state of the human race. Although it may seem hypocritical to be writing about armoured vehicles at least our hobby shows we have an acceptance and understanding of history and all its horror. This should not be happening in 2022. Anyway all i can think of doing is heading to my favourite Ukrainian hobby shop and spending a whole heap of money on some gift cards or something where they can use the funds in some way.

I built three different versions of the Tiger all from Dragon Models. The first two kits were great. They came with extra PE bits and pieces, replacement engine grills and exhaust covers and cool stuff like that. As with all Dragon kits you tend to pay more but get great models. The Early Production Tiger 1 was not so great – the plastic was weird and some of the exhaust parts did not fit so well. It felt like a lower quality kit compared to the other two, so maybe avoid that one. It still came out ok but needed a bit of stuffing around. I added an AB crew and a Battlefield Miniatures commander to one of the tanks as the command tank. You get plenty of decals and I just used my favourite options with no regard for any accuracy. Not the time to be worrying about that. This time I used a three colour patchy camo scheme which was over sprayed with another faint layer of dunkelb to soften my painted edges. I just used dirt and dust and gave the chipping a miss this time. I think more impatience to finish more than anything. Plenty of photos above and I am not sure which tank is which anymore – the one with Zimmerit can be spotted though.

If I had the power to send some real Tigers to Ukraine to help I would.

9 thoughts on “Dragon Models Tigers in 1/72 scale

  1. Am in total agreement with your opening remarks, Will! 🙂 I seem to have little motivation these days as far as hobby stuff is concerned.
    The Tigers are very nice! Well done getting three done – you can never have too many Tigers (from the bloke who’s only got one)!

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    1. Yeah hard to be motivated as a human right now John. But yes build more Tigers!!! I have 6 done now so i doubt any more for me. I do have a King Tiger in the stash though – so technically i am talking rubbish…….

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  2. Your right mate, I ordered some models for the WWI show from my lad in the Ukraine and surprise surprise he hasn’t sent them, so sad to think that instead of running his business he is of fighting for his country, if he comes out the other end OK I will certainly be doing what you have suggested also . Great work on the Tiger mate!

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      1. Not sure about an Epic Will, I’m sort of in the doldrums at the moment and just painting up some ACW figures with out any idea what I’m doing with them!

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