Esci Pz.Kpfw.V Panther in 1/72 scale

One more Panther! This will be it. I now have seven Panthers which is enough for any battle. Four from PSC, Zvezda, Dragon and now a vintage Esci kit.

I have been having a lot of fun buying up these old Esci kits on eBay. They really hold up well even after all these years. I think I like the smell of old cardboard and instructions with brown edges. This one had an illustration of using a lit cigarette to help melt a bit of sprue for an aerial. Fantastic suggestion back when cigarettes were good for you.

In comparison the other Panthers I have built in this scale, it measures up well. It is a nice chunky model, like the Plastic Soldier Company ones, only with much better detail. I also prefer it to the Dragon Panther which is too refined and looks a bit boring. So it was a winner all round. I did not use the crewman as he was rubbish, and may pop a nice AB figures German officer in the hatch. I was very happy with the end result, but the building of this model kit was definitely a challenge. Two words. Vinyl tracks. I am sort of seeing them as a positive now, like a badge of courage, I have to conquer the shitty vinyl tracks. In this case I managed to snap the front sprockets, but trusty drill and wire to the rescue I fixed them up better than ever. Probably two gallons of super glue were used in the making of this cat.

A very weird design issue with this kit was the lack of hull above the running gear. Esci have left off a whole area where you can just see into the hull of the tank. Very odd. So that needed fixing with some thin plastic card. The tow cables were tricky to fit and needed more super glue and patience. I made an aerial out of washing up brush as usual, rather than taking up smoking again and stretching sprue with my Benson and Hedges.

I gave up modelling when I started smoking in the 1980’s, but then luckily modelling has been the addictive habit I have taken up again in the 2010’s. Gave up smoking a long time ago. Probably a good swap from a health perspective.

I used a red brown base followed by dark sand and three colour camo. I made sure I under cooked the chipping and went easy on the dust and dirt. Learning from previous over cooking. The original decals were brown and crispy like barbequed pork so I used some nice new ones. Happy Easter everyone!








5 thoughts on “Esci Pz.Kpfw.V Panther in 1/72 scale

  1. Another great job mate ,I like the bit about old models ,I needed a small Japanese tank for my next dio and found one at a reasonable price in an odd style of packaging and was quite amazed when it arrived as like you say the cardboard was really aged !.The pack had Airfix products ltd 1973 ,I’m not sure if that was when this one was made or wether it was when they first made them but it certainly looked that old ! .A great little no. though, and like yours the decals look a bit fragile , oh well I think I’ll have a smoke and think about it ,ahh shit I forgot I gave up also .

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    1. Saw your comment Pat and thought you must be talking about the Airfix Type 97 Chi Ha, of which I have a couple still in my WW2 Japanese army! I can remember getting excited when that kit came out! If I remember correctly it doesn’t come with much in the way of decals. If you’d like some info on specific Japanese tank markings for a unit or campaign let me know and I’ll look through my Japanese tank books for you. Apart from the star marking on the bow plate and the rear number plate though you could get away with no other markings without getting too worried about it (my personal view)! 🙂

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      1. Yeah they are pretty brief and I’m slack when it comes to details like that .Thanks for the offer though , if the old ones don’t I recon you are right a fine brush ,white paint and and a shaky hand will do !.

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  2. That’s come out very nicely indeed! Well done with persevering with the soft tracks. You could have just added skirts to cover the top run of the tracks, but I’m glad you didn’t, ’cause Panthers (and King Tigers) always look good with the tracks showing, particularly the Ausf D and A with the higher hull sides!

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