Armourfast Hanomag Halftracks in 1/72 scale

I finished up a couple more halftracks from Armourfast. These come two in a box and are really reasonably priced. But they do lack detail, especially in the one piece track and wheel area. But if you want some good value vehicles to bulk up the numbers then look no further. They go together in minutes and you can always dress them up with extras and crew.

So that’s what I did with these two. I had a spare Pak 36 gun from somewhere which I added to the top of one vehicle (I think it was a Plastic Soldier Company spare I had). This was teamed up with some Zvezda crew men from their 88mm gun kit. On reflection I would change the position of the crew as it looks a bit like they are doing a loading conga in the back of the half track. For the other vehicle I used my favourite AB figures for the crew, including a machine gunner and a couple of seated guys. Spent way too long doing the camo schemes again but it’s a fun past time.

I tried something new with my camouflage on the half tracks by first painting the green pattern in dark green with a brush, but then giving them a fine respray with my dunkelb spray can. It fades the camo quite nicely. Since I refuse to think about an airbrush this is as far as I will go without breaking my own strict modelling rules of engagement!


5 thoughts on “Armourfast Hanomag Halftracks in 1/72 scale

  1. They look excellent! Would never have thought they were Armourfast models and that’s due to the crew and all the extras. The more the crew the better they seem to look! Good move with the green cammo – it’s come out really well! Last couple of German vehicles I’ve done I’ve mixed some of the base yellow in with the camouflage colours to tone them down a bit and it’s worked quite well. But these 251s are very nice indeed!


    1. Thanks! Yes you cant help but improve them with all the extras! I do enjoy putting crew in the back of things. Takes a while to plan and get them in the right spot. I have a fancy Dragon 251 in the kit box up soon – towing an AT gun. I am keen to get that out onto the bench

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