Roden Opel Blitz

The backbone of the German army’s transport and logistics was the Opel Blitz. For 20mm plastic modellers and wargamers i don’t think we have a lot of choice out there for variations of this super popular truck. I tried the fast build kits from Pegasus, which are good, but lack much detail, and have yet to try the offerings from Italeri or Fujimi. So i turned to my first encounter with a plastic kit from Roden. The box art is great, so i had to include a photo of that to start with! Its also a big box with one big grey sprue and a couple of small ones.


This kit was really fun to put together. It all starts with a tiny engine you have to build complete with fan and radiator. Unfortunately this part is all covered up by the cab when assembled, but cool to build nonetheless. The chassis, engine, axles and wheels all go together, followed by the cab and the rear. You can build versions with a covered back, as pictured on the front of the box, or a version with an open roof. I opted for the open version as i am planning to fill it up with some SS troops from AB figures hitching a ride. I did paint a couple of drivers, again from AB, who are happily sitting in the cab.

The level of detail on the outside of the truck is just excellent with wing mirrors, headlights, pioneer tools etc. Roden also give you clear plastic for windows if you want to use them. I managed  to balls up my cab placement too far back on the chassis and had to mess around a bit to fix it up. Based on MDF, textured and flocked as usual. This was a really nice kit to build and much better than other Opel Blitz models i have made so far in this scale. Check out my photos (with a new camera phone which is much better than my old one it seems).


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