HAT British Vickers MGs in 1/72 scale

After finishing my AB vickers machine guns I figured I should get these older plastic ones from HAT done too. They came in a box of four sets plus some other support weapons. Great value but not on the same level as the AB metal figures as far as detail etc. The plastic on HAT figures is also really soft and weird. Impossible to sand and also cuts strangely. Anyway did the best I could. Based on small circular plywood with some clay and sand. The figures are all identical so I tried to vary the bases with extra bits and pieces and walls and shrubs…… That is enough MGS for my British battalion, just some infantry mortars and I think it could be finally finished…….. oh no hang on I bought something else……

8 thoughts on “HAT British Vickers MGs in 1/72 scale

  1. They look really good, Will! 🙂 Good idea going for variation with the bases! I hate that very soft, almost rubbery, HaT plastic. A lot of their figures come in better “soft” plastic so it was maybe a phase they went through at some point!

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  2. Oh Mate ! why on earth do they use that crap rubbery plastic I would love to know!!
    I have used the Hat figures in the past but only use them if there is no other option. I take my hat of to you for persevering and coming up trumps with these neat little fellows, well done.

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    1. yeah – its pretty crappy. thanks – i only used them as i am trying to clear out some of the mountain of kits and figures i have kicking around Pat! All my figures tend to be metal these days, so the plastic stuff gets neglected.

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