Milicast Models Humber Armoured Car

I have been window shopping on Milicast’s web site for ages but never jumped in and bought anything for the usual reasons. One, I already have enough stuff. Two, they are expensive. Three, they do not quite fit into my usual plastic model kit rules. But with a sale incentive (I think they were offering one half price model with every two purchased) and a weakening of will power I caved in and bought a few. My experience of resin kits is not that great. I have found poor moulding with bubbles, fragile bits that snap and pieces tricky, ill-fitting and hard to glue. Not so the case with Milicast so far. The only issue I did have was the front axle being a bit wonky and I had to do some surgery on it to get it straight. We could not have one wheel spinning in midair now could we?

The instructions do leave a bit of room for error, they could definitely improve them with clearer pictures and arrows etc. I had to supplement the instructions with other internet research so avoiding major screw ups. A couple of little bits had snapped in transit but nothing my DIY skills could not overcome. I added a plastic aerial to the turret but nothing more on the detail front. An olive drab paint job as usual with an ink wash and a dose of European earth weathering powder. You need to add your own decals as none are supplied. I picked out an AB crew figure who sits nicely in the larger open hatch. If you look closely you can see the excellent Company B decals on his arm. These are 28mm decals that they can downsize to 20mm and save me from struggling to paint anything so tiny!! Based on 3mm MDF to save his axles from damage. I compared this kit to my Hasegawa Humbers and there is no comparison. These Milicast models are far superior in detail and proportions, and I am looking forward to building the next one.

16 thoughts on “Milicast Models Humber Armoured Car

  1. Very nice, Will! πŸ™‚ Humbers have quite a bit of character I think and the crewman in the turret really finishes it off nicely! I’ve found some Millicast bits can be a tight fit and the moulding runners they add under track units can be very difficult to remove without damaging the tracks (in other words I’ve never managed to remove them successfully yet)!

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    1. thanks john. yes i was very careful with the delicate bits. one lift ring and a side thingy were snapped so i had to do some careful super glueing. i have some tracked vehicles too so will take your advice and be even more careful with them. Yeah AB crew figures just finish things off. cant beat them!!

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  2. Nice work on this fine model Will, you are a braver man than I as each time I have had resin models I tend to break bits of or they arrive that way!! Ha Ha ! Just the plastic ones test me out nowadays!

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