IBG Models Bren Carrier in 1/72 Scale

I finally finished up the second IBG bren carrier i had lying around in the never decreasing pile of kits. I was building up the courage to attempt the smallest link and length tracks in the universe, for the second time. I really like IBG kits, they are always really nice to build. Clear instructions, pieces fit easily together and lots of detail. They give you loads of decal options too which is great for building up a collection of spares. My only gripes are the super delicate bren guns supplied – I managed to destroy two of them by breathing on them. They were replaced with two metal ones I had which are much sturdier. The front bren I cut in half and added last after I had added the crew as it had to fit through the firing window. The individual tracks are always going to be tricky and not for anyone with especially big hands or bad eyes. I tried a technique of using tape to keep the little links together so i could glue them and then bend them into the right shape to fit around the sprocket wheels. This sort of worked. IBG do provide a template to build the tracks around but I could not make that work very well either. So there is no way round it, it is a fiddly exercise. My conclusion was to be patient and glue two little links together at a time.

I added some excellent AB figures crew who fitted very nicely, except for the driver who needed some help ie surgery on his lower extremities so he would fit nicely. Also two aerials were added from washing up brush bristles. I had some stowage from Value Gear and also a rusty bucket from somewhere. It was nice to get my tiny British insignia decals out for the crew if you look closely at their left shoulders. I would still recommend the Plastic Soldier Company carriers as an alternative, especially if you would like to avoid the immensely fiddly tracks………

6 thoughts on “IBG Models Bren Carrier in 1/72 Scale

  1. Agreed the airfix 1/72 carrier is much more like 1/76… I’ve just built one, it was a nightmare, nothing fitted straight, I will never try one again lol

    question, where did to get the insignia decals for the crew? I need to give those a try!

    love all your work by the way.

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    1. Thanks! Yes the airfix carrier is very small and poor these days. Let me check where i got the decals for the insignia- there were 28mm but reduced down in size – expensive but no way i can paint such tiny stuff. Will let you know!


  2. Had built the IBG carrier, in 2020, when just got back into the hobby. And yes, the link and length tracks are a study in patience, to say thr least.
    Built it for a small diorama I was planning, but was eventually was left out.

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