ICM Sd.Kfz. 222 IN 1/72 Scale

I picked up a couple of these excellent ICM armoured car kits. It ended up being an accidental double up with my over zealous shopping forgetting what I had in various shopping carts. But this was a Bob Ross happy little accident type thing. The first ever kit I have built from ICM and what a nice one it was. Armoured cars are my favourite and this was a fun build. It was a nice easy kit with plenty of detail. I particularly like the PE roof hatch, which although tricky to fold comes out very nicely and so much more realistic than a solid plastic version. I added a wire aerial for strength and drilled a hole for that. Also some extra stowage including bed rolls and a bucket. My paint job was just a brown camo scheme on dark yellow with a brown wash. Plenty of dirt and dust as usual and an MDF base to finish him off. I have been slightly distracted lately with a side project which will post some photos next time!

13 thoughts on “ICM Sd.Kfz. 222 IN 1/72 Scale

      1. i just buy 3mm mdf sheets from the DIY store – cut the size i want with a sharp knife and sand/bevell the edges.
        be careful to do this outside as the MDF dust is not nice. If its a vehicle base i will just draw around the model on the base before cutting. Then a good coating of PVA white glue on the top side and sprinkle with nice fine sand (DIY store again – bugger all for a big sack/bag). I use dark brown cheap paint to cover that. Then you can stick your painted vehicle or figures down with super glue. When its dry i use a flat earth/lighter brown on top. I also use weathering powders on the vehicle and the base. I then decorate the base with green flock/static grass/tufts to vary it a bit. i buy all the weathering powders and grassy stuff from the model shop.


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