S and S Models German Halftrack in 1/72 Scale

I had bought this small half track from S and S models to bulk up a purchase and make the postage from UK to Australia more palatable. Usually I try and stick to plastic model kits but will make exceptions in some circumstances! This was only a few parts with a resin hull and metal tracks and wheels to super glue on. So the whole construction did not take long. The paint job was fun. Dark yellow undercoat and some green camo stripes. The interior was bare so I added some spare crew men I had half painted. A couple of Plastic Soldier Company men and an Esci dude carrying one of those range finder thingies or he just a bought a poster from Amazon and it showed up in a tube. I also added some extra camo green foliage to brighten the whole place up. Lots of dusty powder and some basing tufties finished it off. It was fun to get to the painting part quickly as construction was so quick. S and S Models have a good range of stuff and also lots of more obscure things. I have a Bofors gun on the back of a Bedford truck which is in the lineup.

8 thoughts on “S and S Models German Halftrack in 1/72 Scale

    1. hey Pat -i use weathering powders from MIG – i have European Earth and Sand – you mix them with water paint them on
      and then when they dry you use a soft brush to remove the excess. you keep removing until it looks right. really cool stuff -i reckon ground up chalk would do the same thing. so you can buy chalk pastels and grind them up into a powder -much cheaper option and you can get any colour you like!

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      1. Oh great Will ! thanks for that info matey I have used powered chalk on buildings to give a rough effect but never thought to use it as dust, I’ll try the chalk out first but will look at the MIG stuff out of interest ! Cheers!

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  1. That is really nice, Will! 🙂 I don’t have many SdKfz 250s and mine all have the early model hull so it’s nice to see your model. I have a feeling I’ve got a couple of S & S models modern vehicles lurking somewhere in the loft as well!

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