Vespid Models A34 Comet in 1/72 Scale

Vespid is a new brand for me so it could be a new brand altogether. They seem to make only a couple of kits so far and this Comet caught my eye. It was not a cheap kit but it was worth every penny from wherever I found it. The comet was a design based I think on the Cromwell but with a more powerful gun. It certainly looks very like the predecessor to the Centurion – the turret especially. The kit was awesome to build and I really cannot fault anything about it. They supply it with a metal gun barrel, a resin gun mantle cover (which I did not use) and a few PE parts. I managed all the PE parts except the small aerial which ended up as ball of superglued mess and in the bin. Lots of fun. They also supply a large range of decals for various tanks. All I added was my own aerial due to the above PE debacle and the compulsory AB figures commander. Vespid also make a Panther which I am very tempted to buy now!!!

6 thoughts on “Vespid Models A34 Comet in 1/72 Scale

  1. Aerials, bayonets and flagpoles always seem to suffer the most, if you don’t include rear facing MG42 on Hanomags.

    It looks like a good model, did you just paint the tracks brown to “dirt them up” or did you use weathering powders for that?

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    1. i paint them black, then a dark grey then use a track rust weathering powder. then i run over bits with a graphite pencil.
      this one will also get earth and dust powders too -i hadnt done that bit when i took the photo

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