Zvezda Panzer IV in 1/72 Scale (again)

To finish off my Panzer IV units i needed one more of them to give me three troops of three tanks. My go to kit is the Zvezda model which is just excellent. It is the best kit in this scale except for the hatches being modelled closed. I have read some people complain about the thickness of the side skirts but it doesn’t bother me.

i added an aerial and also cut out one of the side panels for some interest. Particular nice are the tracks on these models but be careful when attaching to be gentle. That is it for me and the Panzer IV. No more Panzer IV. Panzer IV no more.

i do have three Tigers from Dragon Models which look like a lot of fun. This German armour is never ending!

9 thoughts on “Zvezda Panzer IV in 1/72 Scale (again)

  1. Really good Will ! just to shut my mate up ,do you air brush or use freehand ? I think the latter, only because of seeing all our fellow modelers works, but he isn’t convinced! Which ever way mate you are good at your trade!

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      1. I’m with you on that mate as I’m not really t my painting as en mass folks don’t notice it !the other thing is I’m lazy when it come to cleaning machinery! so yeah mate I’m with you on the old brushes!

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  2. You can never have too much armor…at the very least the variety on the table looks great, and as a bonus it always seems to give the poor infantry a huge pause as your opponent tries to manoeuvre his armor to oppose yours.

    Plus, they just look great, and you only use a paintbrush…WOW.

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