Esci Opel Blitz with AA Flak Gun

Another great vintage kit I found on eBay for a few pennies. Nicely worn cardboard smelt twenty years old, and the decals had long since passed into browny, crispy bits. As i have found with some of these older kits they really stand up even being twenty years old or more. This one was good fun to build and quite straight forward.

i made some adjustments mainly adding my own clear plastic windshield and also a driver who you cannot see anyway. I did manage to make a pigs ear of attaching the bonnet and had to cover my error with an extra shovel. Looks OK for a cover up. I decided the crew were setting up ready for action so i only dropped one side of the back. The decals came from my pile of spares. The crew are the excellent AB figures who i gave field grey jackets and pea dot camo pants. I did have to remove the back seat of the flak gun as the seated AB dude had his seat welded to his backside. I added a box or two, a panzerfaust and an SMG for some extra protection.

It’s my first bit of anti aircraft equipment for the Germans, but not the last as i have a heap of MACO kits i am saving up for a rainy day!

15 thoughts on “Esci Opel Blitz with AA Flak Gun

  1. Sorry mate ! I have to say paint work on the cab of the lorry is is so well done ! the bloody idiot that runs this stuff chucked me out before I could say that before !My daughter said Oh you will live in the bloody wilderness with bad reception ! HA HA

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    1. looks great- will be keen to see progress ! home made stuff is always great. I use Australian 10 cents bits for all my bases
      you just doing plastic figures or going to look at metal too?


  2. I just do plastic as I have a small budget, and I paint slowly, so the Italeri “British Infantry” set I bought in March is still holding out! Thanks for the view; an update will be coming soon. Keep it up; your artwork is always a comfort to the tired eye!

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