IBG Otter Light Reconnaissance Car in 1/72 Scale


IBG Models make great little kits of all sorts of vehicles, especially some lesser known ones. This Otter Light Reconnaissance vehicle is one of those. Everyone knows about Humbers and Daimler armoured cars, but this little guy is a treat. IBG kits are always a real pleasure to make and this one is no exception. I loved it. To begin with its a fine looking little armoured car. The casting is super clear and everything fits together perfectly. The kit comes with some excellent PE parts for mudguards and a cool plank for getting out of a bogging situation (not sure what that is called!).

So building this car was a lot of fun. The interior is also fully detailed so you can leave a side door open and have a look in. If i build another one I will do that with maybe a crew man stepping out. You get a choice of decals to use, so I went with a Canadian unit which would be relevant for Normandy.  I liked the white star mainly.

Olive drab paint work plus a bit of a dark wash, followed by some earth and sand pigments. I added my own aerial as usual just to finish it off. I can never recommend IBG model kits highly enough. I have a Bedford QLT ready in the queue for my next build.


9 thoughts on “IBG Otter Light Reconnaissance Car in 1/72 Scale

  1. Cor, that is really nice! 🙂 Well done there, Will! Otters have quite a bit of character. The “cool plank” in that form is usually referred to as a sand channel I think, since they were first used in the North Africa campaign to help get wheeled vehicles out of soft sand.

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    1. Hey Pete, i don’t bother most of the time, but i do use them on tracks when i might do a rusty pigment first then add dirty ones later. So i guess if i am doing layers of pigments I would. I think mine is AK Interactive or MIG. I think its actually just white spirit anyway, from things i have read. Cheers Will

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