Pegasus Waffen SS Set 1 Part 2


Well it’s nice to get back to my dining room table and finish some stuff off. These figures by Pegasus have been hanging around for weeks as i struggle with painting German camouflage schemes on tiny dudes! I painted around ten of them a few months back but needed to finish off the rest of the platoon. They really are nice figures and i think probably the best Germans you will find in plastic. Lots of great detail, and numerous different, useful and realistic poses. Quality wise they are on a par with the better metal figures out there. These are great value for money when you compare to their metal brothers. I also have Set 2 in my treasure trove out the back, so will crack on with that when i get the chance.

Mounting plastic onto 10 cent pieces gives them some weight that i like on the table. Less chance of them taking an impromptu nap while on the job. I used an olive green base with camo brown and dark green splotches, then followed up with further contrasting dots of all three colours. It’s a real pain in the ass, and takes me hours to do, but i kind of like how these guys turned out in the end. Probably worth the effort, although my eyeballs may disagree. Its not oak leaf, its not pea dot, i am not really sure what it is, but it looks good enough for me.

The lads below have just jumped out of the Opel Blitz trucks (Pegasus again) at a dodgy looking bridge, which could be primed for an ambush…. Better be safe than sorry and lob a few grenades in there first. If nothing else you may catch a few fish.

8 thoughts on “Pegasus Waffen SS Set 1 Part 2

      1. CM Same here for the eyes… I use a magnifier with good rim light built in plus additional overhead room can lighting (directly overhead my painting table on dim switch


      2. Not sure if mine has a manufacturer stamp… made in China. Was a gift from a modeler friend about a decade ago. Only in the last two years have I really used. Mine is a free standing model about four tall and bendable “neck” so easy to position near my shoulder. Average magnifier glass/plastic size… circular…about 5″ across and has light under the frame ring. Suggest poking about Ebay for different designs… also check out Amazon for different designs. Uses a power converter plug in a base so no batteries.


  1. hey Michael i was lucky enough to get a magnifying LED glass for painting for Christmas. Its great and makes everything a lot easier. I am still getting used to the distance from hand/brush to figure under the lens, takes a bit of practice! Just finished some SS dudes in a kubelwagen and the camo came out much better than just using my naked eye! Cheers CM


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