Airfix Willys Jeep and S-Model Willys Jeep in 1/72 scale

The Willys Jeep is an absolute essential to any Allied army group, and let’s face it they are one of the coolest vehicles of World War Two. I just want to keep on buying and building more and more jeeps! You can never have enough jeeps in my opinion, great for loading up mortars, MG Teams and officers who don’t want to get their boots dirty!

The two models i first got my grubby mitts on were from S-Models. Two kits in a box and good value for what you get. You can build your jeeps with a canvas roof or without and a 50 calibre MG instead. The detail is pretty amazing but that does mean the model is quite a fiddly prospect. On both kits i managed to destroy the shovel before even getting it off the sprue. I also managed to snap at least one axle just during removal. The kit also comes with some photo etched parts which get really tiny. It’s worth the effort but you need to bring your tweezers and patience to get it done. The S-Model jeep is excellent and i would highly recommend getting a few. In picture two the S-Model is on the far right.

I also picked up two Willys Jeeps from Airfix and was just as impressed. Less detailed and simpler to put together, compared to the S-Model kits, the end result was just as good. If you prefer an easier kit with less fragile parts then the Airfix kit is for you. The box includes some extras with a pack howitzer and a trailer, which are an added bonus! The Airfix kit comes with a transparent front windscreen and frame, one of which i managed to destroy in an attempt to mask it off while spray painting. I just left it off the completed jeep and i think it just adds to the battle torn look.

A few extras were added to my vehicles including some stowage from various sources like Value Gear and SHQ. I needed some British crew and drivers and as usual AB Figures have the best jeep riders you can get! A great set includes drivers, officers and various poses for passengers.

Photos below, convoy on the move and some parked poses shots!

IMAG0029 IMAG0028 IMAG0027 IMAG0030 IMAG0031-1 IMAG0034 IMAG0032

2 thoughts on “Airfix Willys Jeep and S-Model Willys Jeep in 1/72 scale

  1. Found this post and enjoyed it very much – just ordered some Chevrolet CMP C30A trucks from IBG and some Ordnance QF 2lb AT guns from Zvezda in 1/72, my plan is to mash up a few desert portee models, and I was despairing of finding any suitably attired crew but saw your note re: AB figures in these jeeps (and they look really excellent!)

    So I went and had a look and sure enough they have a very nice desert 2lb gun crew set, which I’ve gone ahead and ordered, something else to eagerly anticipate! Thanks very much for that! I’m afraid I’ve shot the budget for this holiday season lol but it will be a cheery one!

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