The Plastic Soldier Company Panther Tank

One of my first purchases a while back was a couple of boxes of these Pz V Panther tanks from The Plastic Soldier Company. If you have a German force you just have to have some Panthers. The previous ones i built would have been that old Airfix kit from the 1970’s. So 40 years later and what a difference!

You get two tanks in a box, but value wise they still come out to around $10-12 each once i shipped them to Australia. So on a par with other more complicated Panther kits out there. What you get is two easy to build tanks, with minimal parts. The track sections come in one piece, so no tricky wheel alignment or rubber track catastrophes to avoid. Hatches can be modelled open or closed, plus you get some extra bits of track to add onto the hull. I added some more metal track i had to the turret on one of these just for some variety. These are really solid models and perfect for wargaming, although i think a little big and chunky compared to other 1/72 scale manufacturers.

Although they supply some crew figures for the turret and hull hatches, i didn’t really like them, so I switched to a Battle Field Miniatures German commander who you can see in the pictures below. That’s not to say the crew are poor, its just i am keen on my metal manufacturers for crewmen. You can build your Panther with or without side schurzen, so you have options to vary your tanks out of the box.

I primed my tanks in flat black, gave them a covering from my Tamiya spray can of dark yellow, then hand painted a random camouflage pattern in red and green. I would highly recommend these Panthers for any wargamers out there, but next time i will try something that is a bit more of a challenge from a modelling perspective. Maybe a Dragon or Revell offering………..

Some Panthers in action in the following photos!


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