Hasegawa Puma Armoured Car

My German force definitely required this iconic armoured car for the front line reconnaissance units. My choice was either the Hasegawa or Roden version, and opted for the Japanese model company mainly due to getting one for around $10 direct from Japan.

Hasegawa make excellent models for wargaming, not too complicated, but entertaining to put together, and with an excellent amount of detail. I think far better than the quick build stuff out there. This Puma was no exception. One particularly good thing is the way the wheels are set up which makes them really easy to align. With eight wheels there is a lot of capacity for making a mess, but the easy construction of the suspension means it hard to screw it up. The only thing i did struggle with was the main gun assembly which i couldn’t quite work out from the instructions and pictures, resulting in me fudging the connection to the turret a bit. Not that i can tell now.

I popped in an AB figures commander in control up top, added an aerial out the back. The instructions do show an aerial with like an upside umbrella on top. I tried that but it didn’t look right so i scrubbed it. Three colour camo scheme and based on 3mm MDF finished him off, plus a bit of dry brushed dirt. Hey Presto here is Captain Schulz wandering around looking for trouble.

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