River Sections and Rustic Bridge

Finished some river sections and a rural bridge this week. The river sections all made with 3mm MDF cut to shape. I then added modelling clay river banks. The banks were then sealed in with a coating of acrylic filler, and then coated with a thick layer of sand and PVA glue. Some bigger gravelly bits were glued close to the waters edge. The water itself is just blue and green spray paints, the photos are actually a bit brighter than real life. The banks were sprayed brown then dry brushed with a lighter shade of brown and then flocked with a  couple of greens. I added some reeds made out of an old cut up paintbrush which came out OK.

My bridge was scratch built using foam board covered with embossed plasticard. Details were added with modelling clay. The road way was just cardboard bent and glued in place. Painting involved various different colours including grey, light brown, sandy yellow and pink.

The river sections were all 15 cm wide and from 30 – 40cm long. I need to make some shorter bits and also some more 45 and 90 degree turns for variety. Photos below!

20160102_100001[1] 20160102_100023[1] 20160102_100058[1]20160102_10023320160102_100140

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