Hasegawa 88mm and half track 1/72 scale

After finishing my Zvezda 88mm with AB crew, I needed to make sure I had some transportation for the gun to get around. I didn’t want to have my gun and crew base trailing a halftrack round the board so I decided to get hold of a second gun in the limbered position. The two Hasegawa kits, 88mm gun and heavy halftrack, were just the ticket. Bought direct from my favourite Japanese web site these kits are way cheaper than buying Hasegawa from any other source. At under USD 9 each they are such a bargain. If you buy Hasegawa from other foreign web sites they are probably double the price.

The kits are easy to build and I can highly recommend them. Check out the below pictures. I gave them my usual dunkelb treatment, plus added drivers from AB figures. All that is missing is the gun crew sitting in the back seats. I think I will add them at a later stage.

20150906_153040 20150906_153004 20150906_152737

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