Airfix Tilly Car in 1/72 scale

I totally forgot that I had already built one of the cool vehicles from the Airfix Diorama Kit. This is the Tilly car I made a few weeks back. Awesome little car for your officers to cruise around in. It must be a new AIrfix mould as it comes in the same nice grey plastic that makes building a breeze. Loved it. The windshield and doors are all transparent plastic so need care when painting. It is a tiny little car but simple to build. I added an AB driver and left the doors open so you can actually see some insides.

Here is Colonel Mustard emptying his trusty pipe while Corporal Smith keeps a keen watch out for any hostiles on the horizon. Or maybe he is seeing if the next village has a good cafe where they can grab a baguette and a coffee.

5 thoughts on “Airfix Tilly Car in 1/72 scale

  1. Nice work again Will, its good to see Smithy has his trusty Sten handy! it certainly is a neat little vehicle. Further to our comments on the Zvezda kits I have just received package of three sets that one of my daughters purchased for my birthday just gone, she just wrapped up the little box so I was able to see where it was purchased !! It was from Latvia of all places!!

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      1. I did check out yours Will and am looking forward to seeing your take , the three I received are the German infantry 1939-1942 , German Headquarters 1939-1942 and the US Marines which are my favourites, I have been a good boy these last two days and have tidied up so I might allow myself some time to do them 😅😅😅

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