Marmon Herrington Armoured Car by Attack Kits in 1/72 Scale

I keep building armoured cars at the moment. British armoured cars. I think this Marmon Herrington did not feature in Normandy or the later part of the war, but I saw a bargain and could not help buy one. It is a fun little model, and definitely one of the original armoured cars, looking very much like a car with some armour attached! My previous experience with Attack kits had not been pleasant. This one was much better. Some of the detail was a bit soft, I was tempted to redo the lines on the bonnet as i had read a review where someone had replaced these with plastic card. But then I didn’t bother. The machine gun on the side of the car sits in a ball and socket type joint, and the hole is too big for the ball so you need to enlarge the ball a bit so it stays in place. I used some putty to clog it up. I added my own plastic aerial as the model does not come supplied with one. Not much else to tell you, it was a nice simple build which I enjoyed making. He will be added to my lengthening line of armoured cars, although i don’t suppose he will be much use for anything. Some officer will probably use it to pop down to the shops for a loaf of bread rather than risking life and limb in it. Oh the decals were good – i just mixed up the ones I liked so the car gets a cool name along the bonnet.

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