Cromwell Tanks from Armourfast, Revell and Airfix

I have spent the past couple of weeks finishing up six Cromwell tanks. Three from Armourfast, two from Airfix and one Revell kit. This will finish up my required Cromwell units for Normandy. I think thirteen Cromwells is more than enough for any battle! These are made up of eight from Armourfast (including one with a Black Dog hessian camo turret), three from Revell and two from Airfix. They are all crewed with figures from the fantastic AB Figures range.

The Armourfast kits are super cheap and come two in a box, but they do need some dressing up to make them a bit more interesting. I added some aerials, hedge cutters, headlight guards, spot lights, extra tools and stowage. This definitely helps them look more interesting as they come in only a few parts. The hatches can be modelled open or closed which is always handy for adding crew. Decals I used from my endless supply of spares and do not intend to reflect any particular unit. Scale wise they match up well with the Revell kits but are significantly larger than the Airfix Cromwell (advertised as 1/76 scale). When i lined them up altogether you do not really notice the big difference in size, but i am not as pedantic as some. Value for money you cannot really go wrong with Armourfast.

The Revell Cromwell kit is fantastic. This was my third build of this model and it remains the best. I think it is also getting hard to find around the place as I really had to hunt for this one. Plenty of detail and matches the Armourfast kits perfectly in scale. If you can find a kit on line I would be snapping them up

Lastly the Airfix kit is a really nice little tank. It is 1/76 scale so does look a bit smaller, but if you make a complete unit with the same model no one will ever know. See if you can spot the smaller tanks in the photos below. I particularly like their track design with one piece tracks fitting around the road wheels, no stretching or link and length stuff. Easy to build and look really good. Cromwells are great looking tanks and I am happy to have finished this unit now ready for action!

9 thoughts on “Cromwell Tanks from Armourfast, Revell and Airfix

    1. thanks John – i think thats it for me and my Cromwells. i do have a new kit of a Comet type tank still to build.
      slowly chipping away at my pile of kits – i think finally the building is outweighing the buying!!!

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