Sentry Models Ruined Terrace

My last building from Raventhorpe all done. Another awesome sculpt from Tony Raven. This one is a big piece, half intact and half demolished. The remaining roof and first floor is all removable for easy access of troops. I glued it onto a large MDF base and gave it the same treatment as the other ruins with plenty of smashed up bricks and MDF mini bricks. Painted with acrylics and then liberally weathered with all sorts of powders and charcoal dust. I added some flock and tiny leaves for the foliage and grass round the back.

Next time I am in the UK i will be filling my suitcase with a few more of these awesome models. Need a spare bag for 10kg of resin from Sentry Models!!! The last picture has all three of the buildings I bought together. I am excited to get them on a table and have some excellent house to house combat.

8 thoughts on “Sentry Models Ruined Terrace

  1. A great collection there mate, very nicely done ,I’m with you in regard to loading up when in the UK ,I do it with 1/72 figures ,I cut them of the sprues an stuff them in my spare shoes thou I wouldn’t recommended doing that with houses though !!

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