Battle Of Lingevres Rapid Fire Rules

Finally after months of building and painting, and getting distracted by any number of other things, I have managed to get some terrain onto my table ready for a game. I am going to give the Rapid Fire rule set a run and see how it stacks up with all the other rules I have tried. Ultimately I am going to write my own rules with all the good bits from all the rules plus some bits from Squad Leader too. Still a work in progress but one day I will get there!

I picked the first sample battle Lingevres from the Rapid Fire Rule book. I finally finished my big church a couple of months back so that was the main bit of terrain I was missing to fight this little engagement. I expanded the map a little bit to include a ruined side of town. I wanted to try out some of the big piles of rubble I had recently made. I had bought some pre made red bricks from Green Stuff on line, which although were listed as 28mm, work fine. I also read a very simple rubble making tip of hitting a red brick with a hammer until you have the correct size scale bits. Plus i had made some grey and black and white rubbly bits out of modelling clay. Mix all these sources together and i ended up with a big bag of rubble. I was very happy how it came out spread around all my ruins and over my ruined car pieces. Certainly adds some atmosphere to the ruined side of town.

Check it out! I have to finish thirty British infantry and some PIATS this week and then we can get the party started!

6 thoughts on “Battle Of Lingevres Rapid Fire Rules

  1. This looks great! Nice to see all the scenery you’ve been working on all laid out. That is a clever trick with the bricks/rubble that certainly looks the part. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about the game!


    1. Yes Lee I have – I liked it too. I tend to jump around the rules as I have a dream of finishing my own rules which is all the best bits.
      And some Squad Leader/Ambush type stuff too. I always play on my own so it needs to be a good solitaire ruleset. I really dislike the card activation of IABSM.
      I also have Bolt Action which looks good – but havent played yet.


      1. Both Bolt Action and Chain of Command while played at the platoon level has very interesting activations. Bolt Action with the dice out of the bag and Chain of command with its command dice can create an interesting game for the solitaire gamer. Again both of these ideas can be used in many different rule sets.

        Here is a link to a couple of posts I’ve done on Bolt Action

        I play a lot of Chain of Command also, but it would appear that I’ve never done any posts form them, now that will have to be rectified. Lol.

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