Painting Light and Magnifying Glass

I had a whine about my poor old eyes being old and grey and my arms being knackered and broken and a fellow blogger chimed in with a recommendation to purchase one of these. It’s an awesome magnifying glass with a bendy arm and clamp, plus a built in bright LED light. The days of going cross eyed trying to paint tiny dots on tiny men in semi darkness are now a thing of the past. Well they are a thing of 2016. Now in 2017 i can paint even smaller dots of camouflage and even put dots inside the dots. I can even paint tiny maps and tiny ordnance survey symbols on the tiny map. Well maybe not but still it’s a huge improvement. Anyone out there who is struggling with this stuff please go and get one. My lovely wife purchased one for me for Christmas. Woo hoo. Also thanks to my blogger modeller friend for a great suggestion. It even has a small section that is double the magnification. It takes a while to get used to the distance your hand is from the model under the lens. Bit of practice is all you need. I don’t know how i managed before i had this.

4 thoughts on “Painting Light and Magnifying Glass

  1. Does it work for you? I tried a magnifying glass a couple of years ago and found that my hands simply would not coordinate properly when working with a magnifying glass, so I gave it a pass. But than again… for objects up close my eyes are still perfect!


  2. Does the trick of giving you a “clearer” view for me and now it appears for you. Another thought is to have a side light source to improve the visual clarity under the lens with models having “deeper “shadows. Michael aka WR


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