Plastic Soldier Company Horch Heavy Car in 1/72 scale

Another truck. This time a German heavy car that I picked up from The Plastic Soldier Company in the UK. They sell their kits in singles as well as in boxes of 3-5, so very handy to pick up smaller items. I think they had a sale which sucked me in to buying a heap more of their kits. I always really enjoy making their models. Limited number of parts, go together really nicely, plastic that is easy to cut, sand and glue, and overall detail good enough for the wargames table. I can get through a model in an evening no problem and get it all painted up by Sunday tea time.

This one is a cool truck, comes with a few options which is always nice. I went with the windows and full roof. In hindsight I may have used my tissue paper canvas roofing for this, although the detail on the tilt is much better than the last PST shenanigans. I did add some thin plastic for the windows and windshield. I struggle with vehicles with no glass in the windscreen. Imagine the dirt, dust and bugs in your face. Dark yellow finish with some chipping was the uniform for this guy. You get plenty of passengers to put in the back, but don’t waste too much time on them as you really cannot see anything but shadows back there. Different story if you leave the roof off. I used decals from my supplies as you do not get any with the model. Based on 3mm MDF as usual with some powders and tufties. I have him here towing his Pak40 (Airfix) and also with his Pak40 deployed with AB Crew.

9 thoughts on “Plastic Soldier Company Horch Heavy Car in 1/72 scale

  1. Ha Ha I got a few sets of theses PS kits for my birthday and boy are they great ,like you said easy to put together, I also was given some AK weathering sets which I will try after seeing how its done, and then they might come up as good as your fine work!!

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