Airfix Bofors 40mm gun and tractor

Another trip down memory lane with this Airfix kit. I had this as a teenager and was built and played with unpainted and I am sure ended up significantly damaged probably to the point of total destruction. The kit is advertised as 1/76 but seems to fit in perfectly well with all my other stuff and certainly does not seem small.

It’s an Airfix kit that still stands the test of time and was really fun to build. I love the tractor as its quite a unique vehicle that you cannot find anywhere else but this kit. It’s a nice easy build and there were no issues whatsoever, something you cannot always say about old Airfix kits. The only thing i can really criticise is the crew and driver supplied which are all poor figures and need to be replaced. So i turned as usual to AB figures who produce an excellent Bofors crew, plus an extra driver. These guys fit very nicely and are a great improvement on the original plastic rubbish.

I found this kit on eBay for pennies, which is a great place for finding old Airfix kits, often for under $10 a pop. My copy looked like it was from the 1980s so i was surprised that the decals actually worked. My personal favourite is the RAF circular symbol that you can slap on the tractor roof to avoid any untoward friendly fire.

I added plenty of muddy weathering powders to everything creating quite a dusty looking combo. I also modelled the gun in firing position but also kind of towing still so it looks OK either way in a game. I didn’t feel like building two kits, one for towing and one for firing. I also picked up an old Esci 25 per to go with a box of Plastic Soldier Company 25 pars to make up an artillery regiment. Might do that next!

9 thoughts on “Airfix Bofors 40mm gun and tractor

  1. Cripes, this takes me back! Don’t think I ever built one but I can remember a couple of guys at high school building these! You’ve done an excellent job painting it up for North-West Europe! Both gun and tractor look great and the AB crew really look the part on the gun! Just brilliant!

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    1. Thanks Pete. Yes I love a good Airfix kit, and even a bad one. Just reminds so much of the 1980s and my excitement of saving pocket money to buy a new Airfix kit. I used to snap the bits off the sprue and glue it together and never paint anything.

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  2. What colors did you use for the North -West Europe paint scheme. I picked up one of these for a diorama, and the paint scheme is for North Afrika. I’ve been away from model building for a long time and im loving the time i spend on it now. I like the Tamiya paints and was wondering if you can help me out.


    1. hey Andy – i just use a Tamiya spray can for all my British vehicles TS5 and TS28. they can vary depending on the can i find. sometimes they look a bit dark in this small scale. recently i found Vallejo 28005 olive drab spray can which is lighter and looks great too. if you dont want to use spray cans any of the Tamiya olive drab acrylic paints should work fine. cheers will


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