Plastic Soldier Company 1/72nd British 6 pdr anti tank gun and Loyd carrier tow

I finished off my Plastic Soldier Company 6 pounder anti tank guns to go with the Loyd carriers I completed a couple of posts ago. This really is an excellent box of models. You get two carriers, two guns and a total of twelve crew and plenty of shells, boxes and shell casings. The guns are simple but detailed little kits so go together very quickly. There are enough different poses of crew that you can use some or all of them and make up your own group.

I painted the crew and the gun separately with my usual British colours and mounted them on a square of 3mm MDF. The base was covered in modelling clay and then given a coating of find sand for texture. I painted the 6 pdr shells separately too before gluing them into the hands of the crew. This was much easier than trying to paint them already glued on. Once the gun was painted and glued to the base I added the crew men and some other bits and pieces to add a bit of variety. Some dusty powders were added to the gun wheels and the base in general. To finish off the base I added some flock and tufts of grass.

I can highly recommend these kits from PSC and they are an essential part of any British unit. I took a few pictures of the guns plus added in their Loyd carriers for one more picture too. Colonel M.


4 thoughts on “Plastic Soldier Company 1/72nd British 6 pdr anti tank gun and Loyd carrier tow

    1. Thanks the dust is just these excellent weathering powders you mix with water paint on and let dry. Then you can brush off as much as you want. I think its just powdered chalk. But they do a good job.


  1. Brilliant
    There’s something very brave about crouching behind an anti-tank gun considerably outgunned by a StuG III
    Wonderful models Col. M

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